The professional staff at Creative Change provide a range of psychological services for individuals and families.  All therapists are licensed in their specific fields.

The primary goal of psychotherapy is greater happiness and well-being.  Specifically, the aims are to develop healthier life-style patterns, more rewarding relationships, and the ability to experience positive emotions such as security, satisfaction, joy and fun.

Types of Therapy

Although there are a number of different methods used to accomplish these goals, there are several basic relationship principles for any successful therapy experience.  The role of the psychotherapist is to be an active, compassionate listener and a caring partner in the resolution of the client’s issues.  The client is able to work towards personal growth in the difficult areas of their life.

Most of our therapists integrate a number of techniques in their practice.  The main ones are:

  • Cognitive behavioral approaches
  • Insight and reflection
  • Coaching, mentoring and behavioral assignments
  • Imagery and meditation exercises
  • Problem solving skill development
  • Facilitation of emotional awareness and regulation
  • Social skill development