Creative Change offers experiential psychotherapy groups.  The term experiential suggests being in the experience with consciousness, feeling and understanding. So many times we block our experiences to protect ourselves from difficult feelings or insights.

Experiential psychotherapy can be transformative and can move one to new levels of being and relating.  Workshops can address specific topics, such as relationships and intimacy, managing stress and anxiety, dealing with difficult people or situations, a stagnant life and living with disabilities.

By being in a group, participants have a chance to tell their stories, gain new insights and develop inner strengths to make needed changes.  Each group member has multiple opportunities to work on their unique set of problems and issues.  Connections and bonds can form with other group members and facilitate personal growth and the healing process.

NEW!  SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL SKILLS GROUP           A new Program for Children!  (conducted by Robert Rosen, MSW, LCSW) 

Our Social and Emotional Skills Group is designed to help children increase their communication and problem solving skills, enhance their self esteem and help them build and maintain positive relationships.   The group provides a  comfortable, safe setting emphasizing positive feedback and creating opportunities for sharing in cooperative and fun activities.

AGES:  All children ages 8 to 11

MEETING TIMES: Mondays at 6:00 P.M. and Saturdays at 10:30 A.M.

SESSION LENGTH: The group will meet in 8 weekly 75 minute (1 hour 15 minute) sessions

PREPARATION:  The therapist  will meet with parent and child personally prior to the group to talk about your expectations and needs for your child

For further information, contact Creative Change, 314-962-7788 or